Friday, February 11, 2011

Food Allergies Update

After I got over the shock of Andrew having more food allergies, I decided to call an allergist to go over the results.   He said that because his allergies are a class 2 without symptoms, he would consider them more of a sensitivity and not an allergy.  He told me to not completely discontinue giving him milk and egg whites because it could actually increase his tendency to eventually have an allergy to those items.

So..... for now, we can rest easy and go along our normal eating plan.  I honestly feel like I'm on an emotional roller coaster.  You never know what each day is going to hold.  For example, this morning Andrew woke me up holding his ketone strip which showed small ketones. With him having a fasting blood sugar of 84, I have no idea on what to make of that?!?!?!? 


  1. Oh Nikki!!! What a crazy set of days you have had :(. So glad the allergy is more of a sensitivity and that you don't have to cut them out completely. I can't imagine now having milk for Ellie . . . . it's our go-to evening 'snack' before bed!

    As for the ketones, beware of an illness coming on. OR, I have also heard of ketones forming with a long period of not eating, i.e. peeing on a strip first thing in the morning before eating. BUT, the only way I know to get rid of ketones is insulin.

    Praying it will not be an illness!!!!

  2. Hi Amy, The ketones did show up first thing this morning, so I'm hoping it's what you mentioned regarding fasting. I had him drink water this morning and when we retook it later, they were negative again. I hope this is not going to be another thorn in our butts!lol

  3. Ketones: Maybe not enough lantus in the night? I think that's what I've heard? But, don't rely on me. I'm still learning too. Ask your cde...

  4. Hi Roselady,
    Thank you for your suggestion. Andrew is honeymooning right now and has been able to discontinue all of his insulin. That's why I thought it was odd to have ketones when his blood sugars were normal. Hmmm.. I did leave a message for the endo. Maybe she'll get back to me tomorrow. Thanks again!

  5. Oh dear what a whirlwind of events! Youre doing great! Ive heard of ketones in no diabetics being normal during fasting as well.
    Curious what made him check for ketones?

  6. Hi Alexis,
    They told us at the hospital to check for ketones everyday. He did end up getting a cold. It's been 3 days with trace-small ketones. It's odd because his fasting numbers the past couple of days have been 75 and 77. That's lower than he usually is. I'm learning fast that just when you have a system working, diabetes throws a curve ball.