Sunday, February 13, 2011

This Is So Not Fair!

I had planned a homeschooling field trip to Bounce U tomorrow.  It is a kid's funland filled with a variety of inflatable slides, obsticle course and jump houses.  Can you believe who is in his bed with 103 degree temperature?????

I feel so bad for him.  Please pray that God will heal him of the illness.  Please pray that his fever will break tonight and that he'll feel well enough to play tomorrow. I Praise God that He has kept Andrew's blood sugars normal and his ketones have disappeared.  God is so good!!!


  1. That bounce house is on our agenda soon, too. I hope your battle with sickness/diabetes goes ok. He'll probably need insulin if he's sick, to fight the ketones. But, you probably already know that. Otherwise, ask your cde...

  2. Thank you so much for your prayers! We appreciate them.

  3. Thanks for introducing yourself Nikki! It is always nice to meet other people going through the same things...although I am sad you are going through it too! My husband has been deployed - hence the two week visit.
    I hope Andrew is feeling better. Illness on top of diabetes is tough to deal with.

  4. Hi Amanda, Please give your husband a BIG hug from us to him! Thank him from the bottom of our hearts for the sacrifice that he makes for our safety. We also extend our thankfulness to you and your family for the sacrifice that you make too.