Friday, March 25, 2011

Carrabba's Gluten Free Rant Update

I contacted Carrabba's Corporate Office this morning.  This afternoon, I received a personal phone call from the manager of the store that I contacted this morning.  This spoke huge words for me and I truly appreciated the phone call.

The manager assured me that they take gluten free issues VERY seriously.  This did include all other allergies.  Evidently, an administrative person answered the phone when I called, since they do not open until 4:00 PM.  The manager took the blame that he did not train all of the people that answer the phone before they open.  I appreciated his honesty.

I explained that when I call a supposedly "gluten free" restaurant and they tell me that they have "wheat flour pasta" for me, there is no way I would enter those doors.  I also told him that I was extremely upset because I feel that if a restaurant is listed in the Triumph Gluten Free Restaurant Guide, they have a responsibility to uphold.

I think this was a huge learning experience for everyone involved, including me.  I'm all for second chances and will probably give them a try.

If you have visited Carrabba's and ordered from their gluten free menu, please comment on your experience.

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