Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hashi's Might Make Three!

We went to our new endocrinologist yesterday and loved her!  She was soooo excited over Andrew's weight loss.  As I have posted before, Andrew did not present with the typical type 1 body type.  However, he's right where we want him now.  I couldn't be more proud of his extremely hard work between the type 1 and celiac diet.  Andrew ROCKS his diet!

The best news - His A1C was at........(drum roll please) 5.2!  That's lower than mine!

I had Andrew visit an endo. over last summer because I was worried about his weight and possible thyroid disease, especially since I have hashi's myself.  They declined to run any blood work at that time.   

This endo. confirmed that one side of his thyroid felt spongy which could mean hashi's.  I have to wait for the blood work, but it's a possibility.

Boy, you'd think we're trying to win 1st. place for the most autoimmune issues we can take on at one time!


  1. Praying, my friend. I don't know much about hashi's but since you're living with it, I suppose you're pretty educated.

    Congrats on that 5.2 and the awesome weight loss :) HI FIVE ALL AROUND!!!!!

    PS -- The song "Amazing Love" evokes such emotion for me. It's a very special song that reminds me of a very special person. Thanks for the taste of nostalgia this morning :)

  2. Wow, weight loss and an A1C of 5.2!!! That's terrific! Way to go!

  3. it'd be great having an endo you can talk to !