Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Milk Doesn't Always Do the Body Good

I received the following article from a PCOS newsletter.  This is VERY interesting information!  At the bottom, I have included an article that just blew me away!  There are many connections with consuming milk and our girls developing faster, higher cancer rates and yes, diabetes. 

Sit back....relax and happy reading!

1) Is Milk Taking You Down the Path to Diabetes?

"Numerous studies have shown that milk has
hormonal and possibly unhealthy effects in your

The University of Osnabruck in Germany just
released a report to suggest that continued milk
consumption is going to cause you some health
problems, by adversely affecting your pancreas

Beta cells in your pancreas produce insulin, which
is used for a multitude of purposes in your body,
including management of your blood sugar.

It is quite common for women with PCOS to have
insulin levels that are too high, which results in a
condition called "insulin resistance". Not only does
insulin resistance create PCOS symptoms such as
infertility, acne, hirsutism and hair loss -- but it also
exhausts the beta cells in your pancreas, which
have to work overtime producing insulin.

When you drink milk, you are burdening on your
pancreas beta cells.

The ingredients in milk stimulate the beta cells to
over-proliferate. Chronic milk consumption also
stresses these cells, accelerates their aging, and
causes them to prematurely die.

If enough beta cells in your pancreas age and die,
you become diabetic.

You can better care of your pancreas gland if you
don't drink milk.

The evidence is not as clear for dairy products
other than milk. However, it appears that you will
benefit by minimizing all dairy products and
completely avoiding milk.

If you have a copy of The Natural Diet Solution
for PCOS and Infertility ebook, take a look at
chapter 5.2 "The Problem with Milk". That
chapter will give you a bunch of other reasons to
be careful with dairy products and explains why
dairy is not included in the recommended diet for

This article blew me away!


  1. Gosh, for me, I've loved the steady lines on our Dex that we get from milk. It seems like a good carb/protein balance...always hard to figure these kind of things out!

  2. Hi Roselady,
    My chiropractor has been telling me for years to stay away from milk and I really never knew why...until I read this article. I'm still an "everything in moderation" gal, but it makes me think twice about giving Andrew milk during his honeymoon stage. Maybe we can make it last longer?????