Monday, March 21, 2011

Recipe for Disaster

We start with a family of five. Add in type 1 diabetes, Stir in celiac disease, Add a dash of food likes and dislikes plus a sprinkling of drama and you have a recipe for disaster.

Lately, it just seems like I cannot satisfy everyone at or between mealtimes.

It started with snack time today.  The princess came out and made a snack of wheat crackers, turkey pepperoni and turkey breast. In walks Andrew and bitterly complains, "They're not allowed carbs during snack time!"  Her response just crushed me to the core, "We don't have diabetes Andrew."   The response was not said in a malicious way, just matter of fact like.  I just wanted to scream, "THIS IS JUST NOT FAIR!!!!"  This disease is not his fault.       

Then....onto lunch.  I was baking Ian's gluten free fish sticks for lunch.  As my princess entered the kitchen, she turned up her nose.  "I was really in the mood for macaroni and cheese", she replied.  I'm not one that will usually make two meals, but since the celiac diagnosis, I'm finding that I have to at times.

Of course, the princess wanted full gluten macaroni and cheese.  This meant two different sets of pots/pans plus different utensils.  As I was packing up their Laptop Lunchboxes, my husband dropped in right before I gave them to the kids.  He delivers all of the lunchboxes for me and as he sits the little guy's lunchbox in front of him, he notices a veggie mixture of corn, asparagus and carrots in one of his little containers.  He proceeds to complain bitterly, "This made me throwed up last time!"  Oh my goodness! Since when did drama now become part of mealtime?

Let me explain further on the veggie mix.....My kids all eat asparagus, carrots and corn separately.  When you put them all together, it's like you're trying to feed them something completely unrecognizable.

When it was time for me to FINALLY eat, I thought, "What do I want?"  After all of this drama, I was left with a loss of appetite.  Thank goodness we're going out to dinner this evening, that's all I have to say!


  1. I totally understand, half the time 2 out of my 6 kids don't touch their dinner. Kirstin has a peanut allergy so that caused a lot of chaos in the house when we got ride of all peanut products for my peanut butter and jam lovers and all the other kids are not allowed to eat carbs unless Cara is eating them!! I so get it!! :) and yeah for eating out :)

  2. Hi Nicole,
    I'm definitely going to have to make a "no carb" rule unless Andrew gets to eat one.

    Thank you so much for commenting! It's so nice to not feel so alone in this journey.

    PS I hope Cara is feeling better. I read your post today regarding her high ketones.

  3. oh, you arent alone, my family (including 2 non d kids, a d toddler, and a carnivorous husband. i want to give up some days.