Friday, March 4, 2011

What is Considered Low???

When Andrew was originally diagnosed with diabetes, the hospital staff told us that anything under 70 was considered low and should be corrected with juice.

His new endo. does not consider the 60's low, but a normal blood glucose number.

I'm now confused!

When Andrew got sick a couple of weeks ago, we had to put him on some insulin.  I knew that once she put him back on, she wouldn't want to take him back off again.  She wants him on insulin for psychological reasons instead of actually "needing" the insulin.  I wish she would just leave him enjoy his diabetic honeymoon. 

He's starting to pull some 60's at lunch and dinner.  I'm wondering if the insulin is now unnecessary again???

So, my burning question is, "What number does your endocrinologist consider a low?"


  1. I'm not sure about that -
    I would say 60's are low. Ideally I want Nate between 80-120 and we usually treat anything under 80. We adjust the amount of free carbs given depending on the low. We rarely need 15 grams to bring him up unless is really low!

    I'm not sure this helps ---

    The best advice I EVER received about Nate's diabetes is that ---- YOU are the parent! You have the ultimate say so! No doctor can make you do anything you are not comfortable doing.
    When we left the hospital i was like a lemming I did everything the doctors and nurses told me to do. You know what?? It didn't work because they didn't know Nate -- I did!

    I started reading and learning everything that I could about D and took over!!!!!

    Good luck, Friend!

  2. Thank you so much for responding Laura! I'm with you about keeping blood sugars between 80-120. You were a big help to me!!!!