Monday, April 11, 2011

Blessing in Disguise

My son has a big heart, but I've noticed it grow even bigger since his dual diagnosis of diabetes and celiac.

We were recently at a Homeschool Conference in Cincinnati.  As we were getting ready to place our dinner order in the hotel's restaurant, a blind woman was sat next to us.  Of course all of our kids had to check out the situation.  I gave them "the look" so they knew not to say what they were thinking out loud.

They were fascinated how she guided herself to the table with her guide stick and arranged the silverware so she knew where everything was.

When her food was presented to her, she quickly rearranged all of her plates just so.  To our fascination, she ate a full meal of salad, pasta and soup.  Yes, I said soup!  Now I don't know about you all, but I have a tough enough time eating soup when I can see it!

As we sat there observing, we all felt humbled by her determination. 

Then it happened.......

Andrew said something that just pulled at my heartstrings.  He said, "Mom, that lady lives with being blind like I live with diabetes and celiac."  He completely understood that she had obstacles to overcome just like him.  He understood that she was a normal person too just like him.  To see my son have compassion for someone else through his own challenge with diabetes and celiac was a BEAUTIFUL blessing is disguise.


  1. So awesome! We wanted to go to that convention! Did you see Tim Hawkins? If you ever have the chance in the future, the Summit conference for teens is amazing.
    So cool to see your boy make that connection. God Bless!

  2. Makes my heart just sing, Nikki! One of the many beautiful lessons wrapped up in the yucky cloak of T1D and celiac . . . That's one heavy coat for just a little boy. Good thing he has such an awesome Mama to teach him how to wear it proud!

  3. What a beautiful lesson. I bet you were so proud.

  4. What a sweet boy you have. He really does understand. He's a very smart boy with a kind heart.

  5. Oh, sweet boy! That melted my heart! :)