Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Basket Suggestions

I found this picture on Triumph Dining's website and couldn't resist using it.  I was on a mission to find gluten free candy for Andrew's Easter Basket.

Triumph Dining has a wonderful Easter article listing gluten free candy options. 

Since Andrew is still honeymooning, I will go extremely light in the candy area. 

I wanted to offer some alternative options for filling Easter Baskets without the emphasis being on candy.

1.   Utz single bag potato Chips
2.   Pajamas
3.   Sidewalk Chalk
4.   Toys
5.   Handheld electronic games (DS - Gameboy - PS etc...)
6.   Gluten free chocolate covered pretzels
7.   Gum
8.   Pillow Pets
9.   Stuffed animals
10. Barbies
11. Small Lego sets
12. Fun pencils, pens or markers
13. Toy store Gift certificate
14. Ipod gift certificate
15. Club Penguin gift certificate
16. Coupon for a local fun place
17. Games
18. Jewelry
19. Money
20. Arts and crafts

Please feel free to add some of your favorite Easter Basket goodies!


  1. I try to find a new Pez dispenser/candy for the kids. The tiny candies have very few carbs for the whole package. :)

    And Easter is a good time to stock up on new socks and undies!!

  2. We are doing 1 chocolate bunny each and the rest is "stuff" - crayola art things, goggles for swimming, silly bands and a few other little trinkets.

  3. My girls love those little spiral notebooks and any kind of cool pencil to write in them.
    The dollar bins at Target are always great place to find 'stuff' that kids just seem to go gaga over!!