Sunday, January 15, 2012

When You're Struggling

"Obey and leave all consequences to Him"

Sometimes it's so hard to obey God's will for our lives, especially when it involves our children.  Type 1 Diabetes is definitely a hard blow to any parent.  Shock and numbness comes first and then you start to experience a thousand different emotions from anger to crying in 60 seconds.  That's just in the first week of diagnosis!

I didn't get really sad until about 6 months after Andrew's diabetes and celiac diagnosis.  I ran on adrenaline for those first six months.  I wanted to make sure that Andrew's needs were taken care of.  I wanted more than anything to go back to how our lives used to be.  I missed the spontaneity of life.  We couldn't just pack up and go somewhere without going through a six page check list.

God has been my solid rock!  Without Him, I know I would have curled up in a corner and just gave up.  Let's face it, a parent of a child with diabetes is an exhausting job!  However, I did not choose that path.  Instead, I chose to be obedient to God and called on Him for help.  One thing I can say is that He delivered!

As I trusted God and put my faith in Him, He has shown himself to me.  He has amazing attributes: gracious, loving, kindness, goodness, patient, healer, protector, peace, merciful, faithful, perfect, trusting......

My prayer is that all of you out there struggling as a parent of a child with diabetes would call upon God.  God loves you and your child.  God hears and answers prayers of His godly children.  Get on your knees and call out to Him.  Ask Him to forgive you of your sins and that you want Him to come into your heart.  Ask God to help you with your daily struggles with diabetes and I promise that He will deliver!

When you're struggling with the hardballs that diabetes throws to you, who are you going to trust????

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  1. Beautiful post, Nikki! I couldn't get through this without the Lord either. He is my strength that gets me through even the hardest of days.