Wednesday, February 8, 2012

SCARED to death

Maybe my title is a little dramatic, but I have reason to have anxiety.  We are going on our first extended road trip since Andrew was diagnosed with diabetes and celiac disease.  We're talking 16 hours in the car to Florida, road trip!  Am I crazy?

We did this same trip about 6 months prior to Andrew's diagnosis.  We all had such a blast and I'm hoping that D and Celiac behave so we can enjoy this trip just as much.

I have a thousand questions and concerns going through my head right now.  The following are just a few:

  • How in the world am I going to pack enough gluten free food to keep Andrew safe?
  • What if Andrew goes low in a coaster line or after he gets on?
  • How the heck do you guess a carb count for a gluten free chocolate fondue plate at The Melting Pot?
  • How am I going to guess carbs period!  We stay on such a strict dietary plan at home, that I'm afraid to see what happens when we stray some.
  • I have my Frio pack for the insulin, but what do I do with the meter and strips at the beach?  
  • How are we going to fit all of our luggage in our van?
  • What if Andrew spikes due to my miscalculation?  I've never had to correct him before.  
  • I hope there's enough gluten free restaurants along the interstate to eat at.
The most frustrating thing I'm finding is that the places we will be visiting offer some gluten free options, but they can't tell you what they are until you're there.  My son doesn't like salads that much and he's not going to want to eat bunless hamburgers the whole trip.  It's vital that I have the right foods for his diabetes and celiac.  This is definitely going to be interesting!!!

I'm open to any and all suggestions from those of you that have tackled a long road trip with diabetes in tow.


  1. Hang in there!! The first trip is always nerve racking, but you will do just fine!
    One thing to remember is I'm sure there are stores where you are going ;) so if you need to pick up some GF items once you are there, that's less you'll have to pack!
    I would totally recommend a little lunch box size cooler to keep everything nice a cool at the beach. One that is big enough for all the 'stuff' but not so cumbersome that it's a pain to haul around.
    Backpack full-o-snacks for the amusement park, for sure. It's always better to have slightly sore shoulders from the backpack than running out or not having something when it's NEEDED!
    Pray, pray, pray...He'll take care of it!

  2. Oh Nikki! I was so nervous when we first started taking trips after Matthew was diagnosed. Actually, it's still pretty nerve racking!

    I can't believe you've never had to correct him. When was he diagnosed? You better enjoy these days because when the honeymoon is over, it's such a game-changer! BUT....God is totally there. Thank goodness!

    When I'm guessing at food, I always check 2 hours later. If he's 200 or higher, I give him a little correction...depending on the number.

    I would have him keep some sugar in his pocket for rides and if he feels low on a ride, just have him take it.

    Maybe pop the strips in a little cooler? But honestly, it can't be that hot this time of year, so I wouldn't worry about it.

    Wish I could help you on the gluten front, but hopefully others will chime in.

    AND I bet you'll rock this! Just remember to take note of what you're doing and even if you mess up, you'll learn a lot!

    Love you!!

  3. Tracy: Andrew has an odd case of diabetes. He does not have the 1st. phase of insulin release, but has the 2nd. As long as I keep his diet consistent w/ 30g carbs max per meal, he gets 1 unit of insulin. He was diagnosed 11/2010. We're working on 1yr. 3 months! That's a great idea to give him some candy to put in his pockets. I will definitely remember to check him a couple hours after guessing carbs. Thank you so much sweet friend!!!!

    Denise: That is a great reminder to stop at grocery stores. I feel like I have to pack everything, but I guess I can always pick things up along the way. How am I supposed to keep the strips and meter at the beach? Do they have to be cool too? Thank you so much!

  4. Great tips from the gals! I wanna tell you ... YOU.CAN.DO.THIS. There may be hiccups along the way, but you will figure them out. The most important thing is that you guys have fun!!! We have had sand clog up sites... had to scramble for sugar ... had to change pump sites on airplanes... you will find you will be resourceful and the added "drama" almost enriches the experience. Love to you and yours and have a FANTASTIC TIME!!!!