Friday, May 18, 2012

Gluten Free at Planet Hollywood - Orlando

Planet Hollywood is a neat restaurant worth visiting if you are a movie buff.  Just beware of the loud music.

As soon as we were seated and told the server that our son had a gluten allergy, he immediately had the chef come to our table.  The chef asked what Andrew liked to eat.  They could have done a cheeseburger with a gluten free bun, but he wasn't in the mood for that.  He really wanted nachos, but the chips were fried in the same fryer as wheat.

He decided on the gluten free chicken fajitas.  It consisted of grilled chicken over onions and peppers, white rice, cheese, lettuce and corn tortillas.  I asked it to come without white rice because it would do too much havoc on Andrew's blood sugar.

If your dish looks like this DO NOT eat it!

The pictured dish showed up at our table and before Andrew could even get his fork to his chicken, a lady came sprinting out from the kitchen and grabbed it from him.  The rice that was on his dish was not white, it was a seasoned WHEAT rice!  Thank goodness he's not crazy about rice and didn't taste it right away.  That would have been a horrible thing to have a bad reaction on the 1st. day of vacation.

The new dish showed up perfect, without rice,  and Andrew absolutely LOVED it!  Their corn tortillas were very thin and yummy.

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