Monday, June 4, 2012

The UPS and downs

We made it through another one of Andrew's diabetes appointments.  I have to admit that I never enjoy going because the doctor is always harping on keeping his weight down to extend his honeymoon.  I understand the doctors viewpoint and I agree with her, BUT it's tough hearing about it all the time.  He has kept his 17 pounds off for 1-1/2 years now.  I'm so proud of him!

We had an intern doctor, a diabetic, see us before our regular endo..  He was able to teach Andrew to test the sides of his fingers versus the pads.  I have been telling Andrew this for a long time now, but maybe a diabetic doctor will help since he understands first hand.

Andrew is still having lows about 3 hours after he eats so we need to add in a free carb serving (15g) at 2 hours following every meal.  The lows are causing ruckus with exercise.  I'm going to sporadically check his glucose in-between meals to see how high he's spiking.  We might have to change his insulin ratio.

I don't know about you all, but I feel that I have to micro manage everything diabetes related!  The doctors read the glucose numbers and proceed to ask me what he ate and when he ate it.  I just cannot let myself get so wrapped up in the numbers.  His current A1C is 5.1% so I know we're doing something right.  Diabetes sometimes just likes to throw odd numbers in the mix for no reason at all....probably just to tick us off!

Since Andrew's celiac antibodies are still not in normal range, they will retest them and call me with the results.  They have gone down significantly since diagnosis, but they're taking their good sweet time.

Overall, the doctor is happy with Andrew's progress.  I just wish I could walk away feeling happy and not discouraged.  I HATE that they constantly talk about him being overweight right in front of him.  If you would look at Andrew, he does not look overweight.  They go strictly on the BMI chart.  I think the BMI chart should be discontinued because not everyone is the same stature.  Someone with more muscle will show up as overweight because muscle weighs more than fat.  Hmmmmm.....I feel a possible excuse for my next doctor's appointment coming on!lol


  1. I'm sorry. I couldn't get past the 5.1. Umm..that's AMAZING. Don't let anything else bother you, numbers, weight, whatever. THat's AMAZING! You need a good pat on the back and a reward, girl!! : )

  2. Yeah...I don't think I would want the docs talking about weight in front of Joe either. How old is Andrew???

  3. Thank you Holly!

    Reyna: He's 10. I'm wondering if I should say something to the doctor? Sometimes the doctors talk as if he's not even there which really bugs me.

  4. I would ask the doctor before the next visit to reserve the discussion about his weight for a time when Andrew is not present. Keep up the good work and don't get too discouraged!

  5. Amazing A1C. Wow.

    I wouldn't want them to talk about Matthew's weight in front of him either. Maybe you can slip them a note next time, asking to discuss that part privately?