Saturday, March 23, 2013

Pizza Woes

People look at this picture of a delicious hot pizza and start to salivate.  As my son's artificial pancreas, I cringe because  I know that his blood sugars are off on a crazy roller coaster ride for the next several hours.  Add in a dessert if you're at a birthday party and it can spell DISASTER!

If you add too much insulin up front, he'll go low.  If you don't give enough, he'll go high.  What is the perfect solution?  If anyone reading this is on shots, please share your wisdom with me.

Since Andrew is still honeymooning, his body can still sometimes bring down a high at night.  The hard part is whether to correct or not.  Some nights, his body does the work and other nights it doesn't.

Until he qualifies for a pump, we'll just have to continue fighting the pizza blood sugar woes.  The fight is on!!!!!



    This is a video that Gary Scheiner (he wrote Think Like a Pancreas) did on pizza. I hope this helps!

  2. We are on a pump, but I've heard of people on shots doing 1/2 worth of pizza insulin up front and the other 1/2 2-3 hours later. So if you were doing a shot of 6 units for pizza, you'd give 3 up front and 3 a few hours after. However that is more needle sticks and probably more finger checks too....