Saturday, July 27, 2013

Starting from scratch....AGAIN

Andrew has had diabetes for over 2-1/2 years now.  He's been on daily injections from the beginning.  Since he enjoyed an AMAZING honeymoon and did not require long acting insulin, the pump was not something we needed.  That was until now.

We chose the Medtronic 723 pump.  The Medtronic rep came to our house last week and explained everything.  Everything was ok until we had to physically attach the infusion set to him.  He didn't like the feel of it and proceeded over to the sofa where he started to softly weep. My heart just broke in two.  It wasn't because it was uncomfortable to him (though that matters too), but it was because he is now required to have this piece of equipment attached to him 24/7.  That, along with the "unknown" when we go live with insulin next week, brought me to tears.

Starting the pump makes me REALLY nervous!  I know the pump does all the calculations for us, but the thought of leaving my son's life in the hands of an electrical device makes me very scared.  What if it malfunctions and delivers too much insulin?

The only thing I know to do at this point is give it all to God.  Please pray for guidance and protection over Andrew as we enter our "new" diabetic journey.  We go live with insulin this upcoming week.


  1. Hugs!!! It takes some getting used to. We had a rough Lil d' moment here last night. The pumps (no matter what brand) don't diminish the d. There is no perfect device is what joe is finding out the hard way.

  2. Praying for you... It can be a tough transition, but for us it has been so worth it. I had the same fears at first, but they diminished over time. Hope your son will come around and the pump won't make him so sad.

  3. Thinking of you Nikki, and praying for Andrew especially, as you go through this new stage.