Friday, January 21, 2011

It's Official!

Andrew is off all insulin!

I know this is just a temporary thing, but I have to enjoy this time that God is blessing us with.  We met a new pediatric endocrinologist today and LOVED her!  She honestly feels that he does have type 1, but we're going to take the antibody test to confirm it.  From what she explained to us, type 1 diabetics usually have ketones when their sugars are as high as Andrew's were at diagnosis (500's).  He did not have any, but she explained because we caught him so early, that could explain why.  

I'm just hoping and praying that Andrew can cope well when he has to start back up with insulin again someday.  The diet and exercise plan we have him on is helping to keep his blood sugars normal for now.    I've heard of people having 2 year diabetic honeymoon periods.  Hopefully Andrew will be one of them!   


  1. Wow! I am certainly happy you are connected with an endo you love. That's an important step in the improvement of health for our kiddos! I look forward to hearing about the exercise and diet program while honeymooning!

    Gret news, Nikki!

  2. Thank you Amy! I will definitely share our diet/exercise program in a future post.

  3. It's amazing. I have known a few T1's that needed to stop insulin for a few weeks after dx...such an amazing blessing to have an endo that listens and is willing to consider his best interests first.

    I'll be anxiously following your you can focus a little more energy on your gluten free kitchen while putting some of those insulin concerns aside for now. God really does know our needs!!! This is a blessing from so many amazing, unbelievable, miraculous angles :)

    Keep us posted!