Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Attacked by a Cold Virus

We were settling into our new "diabetic honeymoon" life until WHAM!!!! A virus attacked yet again.

I'm still mad about the fact that a virus could have been a contributing factor that brought the type 1 on in the first place, but now another virus comes to take out the rest of the pancreas that might be left. 

I'm soooo MAD! 

Andrew has been off of insulin now for one month.  When this horrible virus hit about 4 days ago, his blood sugars remained stable until yesterday.  He was running a 103.5 temperature and had some ketones.  When his blood sugars would not drop from 191, I knew we had to do something.  Something that I didn't want to do, but had absolutely no choice.  Something that I had to reluctantly submit to:


I've known all along that Andrew would evenually have to go back on insulin.  My problem is that we were controlling everything until this stupid virus came along.  There is a chance that things will go back to normal after the virus passes, but it will be a couple of days until we'll know for sure.  I'm just mad at diabetes in general!  It rudely appeared out of the blue one November evening and is returning it's ugly face to finish the job that it started - complete destruction of my son's pancreas.


  1. I guess we were both diagnosed in Novemeber.
    Sickness is hard. Ironically, we have been off insulin during sickness -- except for lantus-- and back on after sickness. Honeymoon isn't easy, that's for sure. Thank God we at least have insulin! I hope that life returns back to semi-normal soon...

  2. Hi Roselady,
    I am sooo thankful for the insulin! He's still having some trace ketones. My other children came down with this virus last night. It's a bad one!

    I'm definitely looking forward to the end of all this sickness. Stay well!!!!

  3. I never thought about a virus kicking a pancreas out of a honeymoon . . . . but yes, that totally makes sense!

    Throw open some windows and freeze the heck out of those nasty virus germs!!!!!

  4. Amy,
    It figures that we just got over a deep freeze and this week is supposed to be 60. woohoo! Anyway, you can bet I'll be decontaminating with the windows open!