Friday, February 18, 2011

Lack of Interest

Have your children lost interest in things since their diagnosis?  Andrew has been playing piano for the past couple of years.  It fulfills his music requirement for homeschooling.  He has enjoyed it for the most part, but since his diagnosis, he has no interest.

I decided to speak to his piano teacher after class and she noticed the same thing about him.  As she said that, it was like the clouds burst open and it started raining biblical proportions.  Out of my eyeballs, that is!  It just makes me so sad that he has had so much put upon his shoulders in the past couple of months. 

I honestly think he's just tired of people constantly telling him what to do, "Andrew, Test", "Andrew you can't eat that", "Andrew test your ketones", "Andrew, that's too many carbs in your meal", etc..... "Andrew, practice"' is just another order in his mind.

Somedays I'd just love to plop all of us in a bubble and be excluded from the world going on around us, but we all know that's not possible, the meantime......I'll just be his BIGGEST fan, give him a short hiatus and help him through.


  1. I have to say Ellie's interest in things have drastically IMPROVED since her diagnosis, however, my theory on this is because she was feeling so bad before!

    Sorry to here this about Andrew. You are one fantastic mama and will help him through it I am sure!!!

  2. When Zac was diagnosed he was 13 so it is hard to know how much of his moods were age and much was diagnoses, but YES, he has a very tough time. It was at least a year of, well he seemed depressed. It was difficult to deal with and hard to watch, but I can honestly say that he is 100 percent back to his delightful self. And he manages his diabetes eyes with such grace. Hang in there. Andrew will grieve and you will grieve. I think it took a good two years for us ebb and flow to fully grieve.