Monday, February 7, 2011

Diabetes Book Must Have - Real Life Parenting

We are a homeschooling family and visit the library quite frequently.  When Andrew first got his diabetes diagnosis, I ran right to the library to find any book that I could get my hands on.  When I started reading Real Life Parenting, I truly and honestly could not put it down!  It's a common sense approach written by a mother of not one, but two type 1 diabetic children.  She gives you many helpful tips for a variety of situations, including driving.  I recommend this easy read for all diabetic moms, especially those fearing the teenage and college years.

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"When Loy's sons, Spike and Bo, were diagnosed with type 1 diabetes within a year of each other, Loy became an expert on managing the disease. Earlier this year, Spike and Bo (now in their teens) wrote Getting a Grip on Diabetes, and now Loy weighs in with her advice for parents. Her straightforward guide begins with the shock of diagnosis and how to handle the basic day-to-day needs of a diabetic child. Loy, using her own sons as examples, leads parents through grade school, junior high, high school (where hormone changes can affect blood sugar), and even college, where, she illustrates, a parent still may be called upon to deal with a diabetes-related situation. Loy stresses the importance of always having food on hand, making teachers and friends aware of the child's condition, and continuing to be involved in the child's diabetes care as he or she grows up. Filled with personal stories and, most importantly, a positive attitude, this book is a must read, especially for shell-shocked parents dealing with a newly diagnosed child. Kristine Huntley
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Virginia Loy has been the chief engineer behind the successful management of her two sons' diabetes for more than 12 years. Her sons, Spike and Bo Loy, have written a book to help kids growing up with diabetes, Getting a Grip on Diabetes, and now Virginia makes her own contribution to parents of children with diabetes. Virginia reveals her organized, experienced, and practical advice for helping children cope with and manage their diabetes from elementary school through college. "


  1. great book! a friend gave it to us right after dx, along with several other really is a 'don't put down till your finished' kinda book.

  2. I will have to check it out!

    I will get back to you in a bit with an email. Ugh . . . it's certainly a Monday!!!!!