Friday, February 18, 2011

Looking For The Perfect Bag

Is there really a perfect bag out there to tote everything necessary for diabetes and celiac disease?  When we received the diagnosis of diabetes, I was able to find a really nice, larger camera bag that worked great.  It had dividers in it that allowed everything to fit just perfectly. 

Then....celiac disease came along and my bag isn't big enough now.  I'm finding that it's not always so easy to find gluten free snacks and food options when you are out and about.  So now, I need to carry some gluten free food with me as well.

I like to carry a purse, but honestly, I'm starting to look like a baglady.  Ok, so I wonder, "do I get a bag for my son to carry or do I carry it for him?".  I need to make sure that the bag is neutral.  I don't think my husband and son would appreciate carrying a flowered bag. Though, I would love it!

My question to all of you is, "Do you have a favorite bag?" 


  1. i wish i had a favorite bag! but i'm in the same boat as you... when kreed was dx 5 months ago with both C and D I told the nurse "the only upside of this is that i get to buy a new purse! and target cheapo one!" yeah, still haven't gotten it but i've been hunting! For now i have a separate little zipcase ( kind of like a make up bag but no pink) that i stash his glucogon juice, glucose tabs,kind bars and peanut butter packets in. I can also fit the meter case in it. I chose to put it all in a smaller case so that when he's not with me i can take the whole thing out of my purse and run errands without all the heavy junk in tow. I also have a medium picnic cooler that i'll keep in the car with GF free foods if we're going to be out for quite awhile.
    Basically i've got bags within bags and coolers and ice packs galore.....oh, and a car full of snack foods since drive through chicken nuggets are a thing of the past!

  2. Hello runnerpaige! Great to meet you! I LOVE Target!! Any chance to buy a new purse is just fine with me!

    I actually just bought a hip bag at Target. I figure I could fill it with everything and put it in my "oversized" purse. When we take a walk or bike ride, I can either attach it to my waist or plop it in a backpack. I can only imagine what I'm going to look like going to the pool in the You'll just see my head popping out from all the bags/coolers etc...

    Speaking of chicken nuggets, have you tried Bell & Evans chicken nuggets or tenders? They are the BEST!!!!

  3. funny story, just tonight we were having dinner with family and an out of town reletive saw me digging through my purse in search of the glucometer and he said " is that a purse or a suitcase!" it made me think of this post!
    nope haven't tried those....actually never heard of that brand, where did you get them?? we've just stuck to the Ians ones and the dinosaur shaped ones (forgot the brand) I just bought Applegate Farms gf ones and we'll try 'em out soon!

  4. runnerpaige,
    That is so funny!lol Only us moms can relate to the "big purse"

    You might have to get on their website and see where they carry them in your area. They are really tasty!