Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Looking For Your Opinions

I have good news and and bad news this morning.  The bad news is that Andrew's antibody tests came back and they both were POSITIVE for type 1.  It was somewhat expected, but still disheartening.

The good news is that his A1C was in the 5's!!! Yippee!!!

This is where your opinions come in:  The endo. would like to start him back up on a small amount of Levemir.  The only good that this insulin would do is help him psychologically until the honeymoon is over.  Since he is having such an awesome honeymoon due to catching it extremely early, it could possible last 1-2 years.  She said that they can last that long but doesn't think Andrew's will.  I'm still unsure why???  ANYWAY...I'm curious as to what you would do in this situation.  Do you think that holding off on insulin will harm him psychologically when he would have to go back on?  Andrew completely understands that having not to take insulin is not permanent.  My mind keeps going back to knowing what's ahead for him and just give the kid a break.  She's also against me keeping him off of insulin using his diet which I completely disagree with.  She feels that by "restricting"' him will cause rebelling in the future.  He's restricted due to the celiac and that he's still slightly overweight.  His diet plan was specifically designed by the nutritionist.  It is a healthy diet plan.  She seems to want me to feed him all kinds of junk because that's what most kids want.  He has not complained one bit about being dissatisfied with the diet, she just seems to keep making an issue out of it with me. 

Please help me!!!!


  1. Well first (((hugs))) i was praying they would come back negative as well.

    Insulin. Hmm. Double edge sword. Honeymooning means his pancreas is already shooting out insulin here and there, so if he doesnt need it wouldnt the levemir possible cause extreme lows?

    As far as the diet. I dont know cause all kids are different . If its working for you and then go for it. Personally I was relieved to hear at dx " he is TYPE1 not 2 so he CAN have sweets!!" Moderation is key for everyone.

    I say go with your gut and maybe discuss with him what he wants to do.

  2. Hi Alexis,
    Thank you so much for your prayers! The amount of levemir would be so minimal that it wouldn't do much to his blood sugars. She only wants to do it for psychological reasons. She feels that he needs to be reminded that he has diabetes and that he will eventually be on insulin forever. I told her that I was going to discuss it with Andrew and she told me not too. She said to just start the insulin if that's what we were going to do. Honestly, I agree with you and I should discuss it with him. I think this all might warrant a second opinion from another endo.

  3. you are in a wonderful place. your son is old enough that you can discuss things with him and he has a fairly good understanding.
    Reminder to you my dear friend : you are the expert in your home and you know your kids better than anyone.
    when tyler was dx, he was in full blown dka, teetering on that fine line. when we left the hosp. he was on quite a bit of insulin.
    when we got home and settled, changed our diet etc.. he needs dropped tremendously. we adjusted his insulin to meet his needs. that sometimes meant no short term insulin at meals... etc
    dr.s are not trained in nutrition, and often believe if there is not studies and research to prove something, they do not believe it. she may just be coming from not knowing. we had this with our endo too....
    honestly, if he does not need insulin (a shot) why give it to him just because he will need it one day... reminded about diabetes? i do not think he will forget.
    i am sorry if i am sounding opinionated. but i honestly do not think he should have a shot of insulin if he does not need it, just to remind him he has diabetes.
    tyler is 15 and our diet does not cause rebellion, in fact just the opposite!

  4. Hi Alix,
    You really hit it on the head when you mentioned doctors not being trained in nutrition. You basically said everything that I conveyed to the doctor. I love all of you d-moms because you have all been through this and will be honest with me. I kept telling her that Andrew is fine with his diet and she just kept looking at me like I had 3 eyeballs.