Saturday, March 12, 2011

Road Trip - Part 2 - Eating

Let's face plays a HUGE part in everything we do.  It's just down right fun to eat, especially when you're away from home.  Unfortunately, celiac disease puts a major damper on the fun!

When lunchtime came, we opened up our Laptop Lunchboxes and dug in despite the onlookers.  I'm sure they were all wondering, "Why were they able to sneak food in here when we had to pay $50.00 for our lunches."  I packed a rice cake with peanut butter, carrot sticks, banana, baked chips and 2 gluten free cookies. 

Andrew was at 101 before lunch so I knew that he'd be good for a couple of hours.  I decided to stay with our little guy as my husband took the other two kids on the slides.  Of course, our little guy had been badgering me relentlessly for a piece of pizza since we walked into the waterpark.  As snack time approached, I decided to give in.

At the time, I was wrapped in my towel because I was cold.  I knew that if my husband and kids walked by, there was a good chance they would not spot me because they wouldn't notice me.  My suit is a bright pink, so it would have been hard to go undercover.  As we sat down, the smell of that pizza was just heavenly!  I wanted a piece of that pizza so bad!!!!  Should I?  Could I?  No....... Andrew's look of disappointment would just kill me.  Boy did I miss having the whole family enjoying a plate of nachos or pizza together. 

Is this what it has honestly come down to....Sneaking around eating whatever we can get our hands on whenever Andrew's not around?  Is this the right way to handle these situations?  I definitely welcome all of your input on these questions.  Well, we did sneak, but our little guy squealed like a little pig!  Andrew was happy to hear that I didn't join in the fun, but my daughter was NOT happy that she missed out.  I just can't win!!!

Fortunately, we found a Longhorn Steakhouse on the way home for dinner.  Andrew was able to dine on a steak (they grill it on foil without seasoning), large baked potato and steamed broccoli.  He was a very happy camper! 

Stay tuned for Road Trip - Part 3 - Dessert

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