Monday, March 14, 2011

Road Trip - Part 3 - Dessert

We all know that dinner is just not complete without dessert!

Honestly, dessert is a very rare treat in our family.  It is definitely welcome though when we can get it!

After leaving Longhorn, we decided to find an ice cream shop to indulge.  Our first stop was a Coldstone Creamery.  I approached the counter and asked, "Do you offer sugar free/gluten free ice cream?".  They offered a sugar free vanilla which was gluten free after the girl kindly looked it up in their nutritional book.  As I took my information back to the car, Andrew started fussing because he didn't want vanilla.  OK.....this is not a time to be choosy.  It's 8:00 PM and we have a couple hour drive home. 

So, off we drive to a nearby mall where there was a Baskin-Robbins.  I have no clue as to what they offer.  Again, I asked, "Do you offer sugar free/gluten free ice cream?".  "'Gluten free????", the girl asked.  "Yes", I replied.  They ended up having a sugar free chocolate/chocolate shaving/chocolate ripple ice cream that contained only milk and soy.  Wonderful, we'll take a small dish!  I made sure to ask them to use a fresh scooper since some of their ice creams did have gluten.

One thing I'm finding out is that people understand wheat free better than gluten free.  The gluten seems to complicate the issue.

Ok.....Andrew and hubby have their ice cream and now we're going back to Coldstone for the rest of us.  I love to indulge in the cheesecake ice cream mixed with chocolate chips.

I leave Andrew in the car and take the other two in with me.  I intended on getting us all cups without the cone.  Well, of course, the "little guy" decides that he MUST have a cone.  I'm thinking the lady will put his ice cream in a little kids cone.  NO!!!!!  She put his ice cream in a waffle cone!  This thing was bigger than his head. 

As her hand is reaching over the counter, it was like it was in s-l-o-w motion.  At the exact same time, in walks Andrew.  "What in the world is he getting that for?".  At this point, I am so embarrassed and just want to climb inside the ice cream case.  Of course Andrew had to come closer and get a better look at this monstrosity that was just handed to the little guy.  I paid as fast as I could and shuttled everyone out like rapid fire.

The first words out of my mouth as I opened up the car door were, "Why in the world did you let Andrew out of this car!"  His response was, "He was going to find anyway since he sits next to him.".

The next hour was filled with, "Mom, little guy is eating the whole cone!"  I tried as hard as I could to explain that it was an extra special treat for him and let him be.  "Why couldn't he just be happy with the ice cream that he had?", I thought.  "Should I expect him to be happy?".

Eventually, the noise just went away as I tuned everyone out and enjoyed my much needed ice cream treat.

All in all, everything went great for our first road trip.  We had some bumps along the way, but next time I'll know what to expect.  I definitely know to pack more gluten free food!!!!!

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  1. Roadtrips are like a work of art. Each one unique...and worth it in the end :) I'm craving ice cream right now...