Thursday, June 16, 2011

Double Trouble

The endocrinologist has diagnosed Andrew with type 1.5 diabetes also known as "double diabetes" or "type 3".  He has a hybrid of type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

Andrew was overweight at diagnosis and has since lost 15 pounds! I am SO PROUD of him!  Believe me, it hasn't been easy.

His type 1 diagnosis came from having antibodies and celiac disease (autoimmune).

His type 2 diagnosis came from having insulin resistance which was detected on a recent 5 hour glucose test.

Diet and nutrition play a HUGE part is his diabetes care.  The longer he can keep his weight down, the better the insulin resistance will be.  Insulin resistance is when your body still produces some insulin, but your body cannot use it correctly.  This is the reason why we have to keep his carb counts down.

The interesting thing is that skinny/normal type 1's can develop type 2 as well if they become overweight.  Yes, TYPE 1 CAN BECOME DOUBLE DIABETES!

When we began to work with a nutritionist, they gave him an eating plan for the present weight that he was.  I went round and round with the endo. that I was with at the time because I knew he needed to lose weight.  She wanted to let him eat what he wanted because he was a kid after all.  I'm here to say "HOGWASH!"

Yes, our diabetic kids can eat whatever they want, but I want to place a word of caution.  Please continue to watch over your children's diets by limiting their fat intake, sweets and junk food.  We are living proof that double diabetes exists and I don't want other kids to have to go through what we are.

If we would have continued on the path that we were on and let Andrew continue to gain weight, there is a good chance that he would be on an oral medicine (Metformin) for the insulin resistance along with his insulin.  His hard work and dedication has made him healthier and has given him better blood glucose control.



  1. This is such an important post for all of us who are either a PWD or the parent of a CWD. I've been so caught up in managing Jack's T1 that I never really gave T2 a thought. Thanks for this reminder!

  2. mind had never even "gone there"! Thank you...something new for me to think about and such an IMPORTANT reminder!!!

  3. Great post! I so want Matthew to be "normal" with his eating. You know, eat what other kids are eating and parties and such.

    But I want him to be a healthy eater most of the time. So important to establish those life-long habits now.

    And that 15 pound weight loss? Wow!!

  4. Hmmm...interesting. So many new discoveries with this disease, kinda makes one's head spin, huh?
    Thanks for the knowledge!

  5. Oh geez. How do you know if they have double diabetes? I didn't even know that! : ) thanks! : ) Holly

  6. Wow.... I did not know this! Thanks for sharing! You are so right. T 1 kids CAN eat anything... Doesn't mean they should!! :)