Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Cereal = Spiking Numbers?

Since Andrew's diagnosis of celiac disease, he's basically been living on Rice Chex cereal in the morning.  He prefers the plain variety with a sprinkling of Splenda and Stevia.

He has been coming in low at lunch and we've been baffled as to why this has been happening.  The doctor suspected that he's releasing insulin too late resulting in the lows.

We've added a little insulin into his day and I haven't noticed any difference.  The doctor asked me to check his numbers 1 hour after he eats to see how high he's spiking.

Today he hit 201 after eating!  I even added in 3 pieces of turkey bacon and a hard boiled egg for protein.

The thing that doesn't make sense is that he had the same meal a couple days ago and only went up to 123 one hour after his meal and still plunged.  Maybe the fluctuations are due to his honeymoon?

My question to all of you is, "Does Rice Chex cereal make you or your child spike after eating?".  

1 comment:

  1. Almost all cereals make Jack spike, including Rice Chex.

    The fluctuations are frustrating, I know! Hang in there!