Monday, June 13, 2011

Yummy Lows

Now that we're back on insulin, the thoughts of how to treat lows are back in full swing.

In the past, we've always used a small juice box and it worked wonderfully.  The problem was that Andrew eventually got tired of drinking juice and it wasn't the easiest thing to tote around all the time.

Since Andrew is not a fan of dextrose tablets, I immediately went on a mission to find an equivilent replacement for those chalky chunks of glucose.  To my surprise, I found a lot of recommendations for Smarties candy.

Positives to using Smarties:
  • good tasting
  • more affordable than glucose tablets
  • can easily fit in purse, glucometer pouch, sock, pocket.......
  • 6 g carb per roll
  • dextrose is first ingredient just like the glucose tablets
  • Easier on teeth than sticky chewy candies
Negatives to using Smarties:
  • Make sure you rewash your hands after handling since the powder can cause false high blood glucose reading
  • Caution: chocking hazard for younger children
I also found out that Smarties carries a "MEGA" size that will fit into the glucose tablet tube.

As I was doing my yummy research, I started to have a variety of questions:

 Is it really ok to give my child candy when he's low?
Am I sending him the wrong message?
What if he starts to make himself low just to get candy?

  I'm trying to teach him the importance of a healthy diet and I don't want to send conflicting messages.  On the other hand, I think it's ok for everyone to get a treat in moderation.  For all the trouble that diabetics go through day in and day out, I think they deserve a sweet treat.

  What are all of your ideas on this?


  1. I think it's all in the way you present it.
    If he's never able to have a 'treat' unless he's low, then I can see the potential for trouble.
    If he is able to have 'treats' from time to time and understands the difference between treating a low and having a treat, then I see no problem with it!
    Like you said, everyone deserves a treat and since there's nothing our D kids can't have (except poison!) then treat away!! ;)

  2. For some reason (not conscious on my part) we don't treat lows with sweets. Fortunately, for now, Adam likes glucose tabs and juice. That said, he DOES get treats and we just dose for it. Like at the movies, he'll have something he loves like Airheads candy. But I wouldn't use that to treat a low...I guess maybe in a way I am afraid he'll think "low=candy." There are times before bed when I test him he'll say, "I hope I'm low, I hope I'm low..." so he can get juice or a tab. But then again, he's 5, so he always wants a treat! :)