Monday, June 13, 2011


We started back on insulin last Friday at dinner and continued over the weekend.

You know what changed?????


I had visions of Andrew not hitting low at lunch, but it has actually become worse since we started insulin.

Friday    : breakfast 85, lunch 83, snack 92, dinner 90, snack 112
Saturday: breakfast 82, lunch 53, snack 97, dinner 85, snack 85 (bike ride after dinner)
Sunday  : breakfast 79, lunch 95, snack 71, dinner 91, snack 83 (bike ride after dinner)
Monday : breakfast 74, lunch 57, snack 86, dinner 84, snack 117

The red numbers were times when we gave insulin.  

My point is that his numbers with insulin are no different than without.  We also checked him 1 hour after each meal.  He was under 150 after each of his meals with the exception of Saturday where he went to 200 one hour after breakfast.  He was getting over a cold so I'm wondering if that could have been a factor.  The doctor started us on insulin thinking he was hitting a high number and then spurting out too much insulin making him low.  It makes sense to me for Saturday, but then why on Monday (today) did he only go to 123 one hour after breakfast, and still plunge to 57 at lunch?

That is my burning question of the day.  He had 1-1/2 c of Rice Chex with 1-1/2 c milk on each day.  The only difference was that on Saturday he had 1 hard boiled egg and today he had 2 eggs.  Shouldn't the protein be holding his sugars up more?  This is so strange to me.

Will diabetes ever make sense????

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