Thursday, July 28, 2011

Lows in Unexpected Places

Since Andrew is still honeymooning, things can turn downward fast since we never know when his pancreas is going to spit out some insulin on its own.

After my eye appointment yesterday, we decided to go to Eat N' Park for lunch.  Andrew loves to get their gluten free cod with a baked potato and steamed broccoli.  We ate lunch around 12:10.  His blood sugars were stable at 92, so I dosed him for 1.0 units of insulin and fed him.  Granted, my eyes were dilated, but I had all the kids double check my dosing.  The people in the restaurant were probably wondering what in the world were we doing with the syringe waving around in the air.  

After lunch, I had to run to Target and get some new exercise clothes.  Yes, I'm trying to burn some butter! The time was about 1:20.  The kids are wondering about around me when I hear Andrew saying, "I don't feel right".  I continue flipping through the clothes rack and calmly ask, "What do you mean?"  I knew he just eaten and should be fine.  He proceeds to say, "I'm shaky".  Still flipping through clothes, I ask, "I really don't think you could be low since you just ate.  He then says, "I'm HOT!"  

Now he has my attention!

I start rummaging through my purse for the glucometer.  As I turned around, I find him literally laying flat out on his back on the carpet saying, "I'm HOT!" He's always complained of being shaky when he's low but not hot.  I knew he needed my attention.  He tested at 50.  I did it twice to make sure and the second time was also reading 50.  This was only 1 hour and 20 minutes after he ate lunch.  I gave him some Smartie's and waited 10 minutes all the while waiting on the carpet.  He finally came up to 121.

I wish I had my camera because after the incident, there's Andrew laying flat out on the carpet with the glucometer, strips and candy wrappers out all around him.  There were a couple of women that walked past and gave me a glance out of the corner of their eyes.

When we got home, he dipped again to 70 and then to 62 about an hour after dinner.  I ended up giving him some popcorn and diet hot chocolate without dosing him.  He ended up at 102 this morning which is high for him, but it gave me peace of mind throughout the night.

My question to all of you:  Where has been the most unexpected place that you or your child has had a low?


  1. The worst one (although expected b/c I was not doing a great job as a pancreas) was in the middle of a huge Hockey the middle of the game. Joe literally looked like a blind man skating on the ice. It was BAD.

    The Target image was colorful...and the dilated eyes while trying to measure out insulin...Glad it all turned out OK.

  2. We've had some doozies in doozy places, but I distinctly remember one time (about 6 months after her dx) walking into the mall, holding her hand wearing my newborn in a sling.

    As we walked through the automatic doors, she passed out. Right there. The doors couldn't close, because she was in the way and they started buzzing. It was snowing outside and we were half in/half out of the mall.

    When she hit her head, she woke up and started screaming, kicking, flailing her arms. I immediately crouched beside her (with a baby strapped to my chest) and tore through everything, looking for cake mate gel...then juice...and she calmed down after about 10 minutes. The entire time the doors were buzzing, my purse/sugar bag contents were all over, she was combative, it was snowing, and my baby was screaming. People just stepped over us or walked around.

    Not one person stopped to offer help.

    Not. One.

  3. Our lowest low was (and strangest symptoms) were on the cruise ship. NOT a good place!

    Sounds like you had a good handle on things, Nikki. After reaing Wendy's account I am shocked and so disappointed in people :(

  4. Our worst, most memorable low, was the day my husband and I got our iPhones.

    We were busy reading the manual and such. Matthew was TOTALLY grumpy. (He had just gotten a big punishment the day before and we thought he was grumbling about that.)

    Thank the Lord, I finally thought to check his sugar. 29 AFTER a juice box.

    Nikki, we handled it great, but in hindsight I am so thankful to God. If Matthew had such gone to his room and plopped on the bed....who knows what would have happened. This was about 90 minutes after lunch. I never would have checked him.

    I'm so glad God is on our side!