Friday, July 29, 2011

Highs and Lows

Ok, Andrew's pancreas is frustrating me to no end.  He spikes after breakfast and crashes before lunch.  We've been over and over this.  This is what I found 1 hour after breakfast:

This is what we find before lunch:

It seems like these fluctuations are taking a toll on him.  He doesn't seem to be quite himself the past couple of days.  Lows can really take it out of you!

My question to all of you:  When your children were coming out of the honeymoon period, what happened?  Did you experience highs and lows or just highs? 


  1. Yuck! Bean didn't honeymoon for long so I'm afraid I don't have any advice to offer, sorry!
    Hope you can figure it out!!

  2. We didn't have an honeymoon either...her pancreas was beyond gone by the time she got that first drop of IV insulin :(

    I will say that this is very typical for all kiddos with D. UP DOWN UP DOWN...sometimes WAY UP...other times WAY DOWN.

    And, for the record, I'd be quite happy with 230 an hour after bfast. Breakfast spikes are notorious for being THE WORST!!!!!

  3. We had BOTH. It's like it only worked in spurts. : (

    I'd lower his correction rate (if you are correcting that 230)-seems like it's crashing him-unless his basal/Lantus is high?

    So sorry-I know how hard it can be!! Wendy is right-breakfast is the hardest-it takes SO much more insulin than any other meal!
    Hope it gets better, Nikki : )

  4. Coming out of Ellie's honeymoon meant high, higher and highest numbers. We kept upping the long-acting insulin and lowering her carb ratio until we hit a few lows and then evened out. Her numbers have been in perfect range ever since. :: crickets :: HA! Her numbers are still too high and sometimes too low, but they don't hang out on those ranges for too long or require changes to ratios or total units.

    My endo told me that T1D's are out of their honeymoon when their weight in kilograms roughly equal their daily units of insulin (both fast acting and long acting insulin)

    And, for the record, breakfast is a beast for us :(

  5. Hi, K is also having that post breakfast high, crash at lunch. Nearly all of her lows are at lunchtime, 12-12:30. She's on injections and we're experimenting with smaller breakfasts and a bigger snack at 10:30 - but its not been easy, we had another low yesterday. All we can all do is keep trying. Good luck.