Tuesday, August 9, 2011

PHRQL - SmartPhone for Diabetes

I just returned from a JDRF coffee meeting in my area and we were surprised with the inventors of the new Smart Phone that will be geared towards teens and young adults with diabetes.  With the popularity of texting these days, this will really open up an area for communication, especially with friends that are met through diabetes camps.

From what I understand, you would need a Bluetooth meter in order to connect directly with the SmartPhone.  It will have the ability to enter your blood glucose readings manually if you do not have a Bluetooth meter or are on injections.   There will be a diet category where you can enter your food and activity.  I believe there will also be a category for medication.

Through using the SmartPhone, you will earn points on your progress.  This would make for fun competition between friends.

This is all new and they are still talking to people with diabetes and diabetes educators to see what they would like to see included.  

This is a write up about them:
PHRQL is a smart phone and social networking application to improve the quality of life for people with diabetes, with an initial focus on teenagers and young adults in transition. By providing a great user experience with information-based tools, PHRQL can help improve clinical outcomes and bend the cost curve for diabetes. PHRQL is an innovation solution to one of the largest and most rapidly growing health problems in our nation and the world.

You can follow them at: http://www.facebook.com/PHRQL

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