Monday, August 8, 2011

Back To School

I can't believe that it's time to jump into another year of homeschooling.  I also can't believe that this will be my 6th year teaching.  I can still remember the doubts and worries that I had going into this adventure.

There was, "Can I really do this?", "Will our kids be socialized?", "Will they listen to me?", "Will I ruin them forever?".........

The honest truth is, YES!  I promise, they are not ruined!!!!hehe  Our kids are very socialized and involved in extracurricular activities including a huge homeschool gym class, AWANA, piano lessons and church.  Our daughter also likes to take horseback riding lessons when she can.

To make our transition into another year as easy as possible, I like to start in the beginning of August with just math, language arts, typing and piano. Over time, I add in the rest of the curriculum including vocabulary, writing, Bible, history, science, health, art and music.  This keeps the kids from going into shock and me from pulling every strand of hair out on my head.

Unfortunately, diabetes is already trying to put a glitch in our first day of school with Andrew waking with a 63 and going into lunch with a 47.  When he goes low, the attention span goes right out the window!  I completely understand and know that's just how it is.  When I start to lose him, I know it's time for a snack.

Here's a tour of our schoolroom:
We converted one of our bedrooms into the schoolroom.

I just purchased a "teacher's desk" (in left corner).    I was previously using a little table, but this works MUCH better!

Our world map has been used a lot, especially last year when we studied world geography.  My husband put shelves in the closet to store supplies and books that we'll need throughout the year.

The thing I'm most looking forward to this homeschooling year:  Learning the whole Old Testament through our history and Bible curriculum.

The thing I'm least looking forward to this homeschooling year:  Grading papers and letting go of being so anal.  I'm a person that likes things just so and I need to learn to relax.  Everything will get done in due time.

My most challenge this year:  DIABETES!



  1. The 'classroom' looks great!
    Total bummer about the BG numbers, but thank God he was at home with you instead of at school.
    Good luck this year!!

  2. Props to the mamas who can home school! I am not built for it lol

    Sorry about the lows! :(

  3. Holy Macerole you are AMAZING! I don't think I would have the homeschooling in me. I would be horrible...imagine all the bad words my kids would learn :)!!!

    Love your is soooo organized.

  4. Come. Please come. I will fly you out and give you carte blanche (or as much as $50 will get ya) so you can design my homeschool space.

    Fabulousity, my dear . . . fabulousity.

    And, trust me on this one, diabetes care will be a cince in homeschool compared to public school. Yikers.