Friday, September 2, 2011

Mixed Meal Test Results

Andrew's pancreas performed! YEAH!

After all the trouble that we experienced at the hospital (I will blog about this later), the mixed meal test went without a hitch.

The nurse checked his fasting blood glucose and it was 68.  They had a decision to either treat him or let it go and continue with the test.  He never should have been this low to begin with, but we experienced many problems the prior evening.

They decided to continue and see what happened.  About an hour later, they checked Andrew again and he was up to 87.  We were good to go!

The test started at 8:30 when Andrew was give .5 units of insulin and ate 1 cup Rice Chex, 1 cup milk, 1 slice bacon and 1 egg white within a 10 minute window.

The nurse came in every 30 minutes and took 3 vials of blood.  I was able to record each blood glucose reading.

1/2 hour    - 188
1    hour    - 208
1-1/2 hour - 224
2    hour    - 139
2-1/2 hour - 81
3      hour  - 59 (no symptoms) - They decided to give him a recheck which ended up being 1/2 hour
3-1/2 hour - 50 (Definite symptoms! hot, sweaty, clammy, shaky)

As they confirmed the 3-1/2 hour with a 48 from the lab, the test was stopped and he was given a juice box.  We were all so excited that Andrew's pancreas didn't let us down. Andrew, on the other hand, yelled, "Hey, that's not a good number!".  We ended up laughing about it once his number came back up and the l-o-w "meanies" went away.  We obviously never want him to have hypoglycemia, but that was the only way to get confirmation from this mixed meal test.

I want to thank you all for your thoughts and prayers.  They ended up using an adult I.V. because of the amount of blood that they had to take throughout the test.  They put some numbing cream on the site before they put it in.  I can say with relief that he felt NO pain!  Praise the Lord!

We should have our results in a couple of weeks.  I will keep you all updated.  They sent us home with a plan to give Andrew .25 units of insulin with breakfast and a starch snack (no insulin) at 2 hours post breakfast.  We'll see how it goes.  Not being on a pump and having to administer .25 units in a syringe is going to be VERY interesting!


  1. Did they discuss diluted insulin? No one discussed it with us when Sugar was little, but I wish they had. You might ask about it to help make that dose as precise as possible.

    Congrats on a little functional pancreatic action!

  2. God bless you! I know how frustrating a NON working pancreas, I never thought of a semi working one! ((Hugs))

  3. Been thinking of you...and I was thinking of diluted insulin as well...ask if you can try that. It will make your life easier. xo

  4. Okay. This sounds good. You're making progress!  So glad God answered everyone's prayers. Can't wait for the results!! XO