Thursday, September 1, 2011

Diabetes & Celiac Emergency Kit


With the current hurricane pounding the Northeast, it really got me thinking that I should have a diabetes and celiac emergency kit.  You never know when there could be a time that you need to leave your home quickly.

Last night, as I was grocery shopping, I decided to pick up some protein foods and other items for our emergency kit. With having diabetes, cutting the carbs and drinking lots of water would be the key to survive if you would not have insulin on hand.  I also want to have some carbs on hand in case of lows.

My fears set in when I started to think of the "what if's?".  What if we couldn't get our hands on insulin?  What would he eat?  Andrew couldn't eat food at a shelter due to his celiac disease.  How bad would the stomach pains or diarrhea be if he had to eat the gluten foods?

As I was pulling out of the parking lot, a man buzzed by yelling out of his car, "TURN YOUR LIGHTS ON!"  After coming out of my pitty party daze and turned my lights on, I just broke down in tears.  Not because of the obnoxious man, but because of the fears and worries that I bottle up.  These are the fears that scare you to the core.

After I got home and was putting the emergency items in a pile, I started to feel some relief.  I felt that I atleast was taking the proper steps to keep Andrew safe if anything would ever happen.

I plan to continue adding to my pile.  I need to purchase a plastic tub that I can put everything in and store it in my garage.  It would also be a good idea to keep a smaller kit in my car at all times for traffic delays or an accident.  

Our Emergency Kit:
glucose meter
glucose tablets
Frio bag
glucagon (I need to get an extra one)
batteries for meter
alcohol wipes
I'd like to add some Extend Bars.  They have gluten free options.

gluten free pretzels
gluten free crackers
peanut butter
canned vegetables
canned tuna
canned chicken

Flats of bottled water
baggie with extra money (this could be used for tolls, food or phone)
1st. aid kit (band aids, zofran, tylenol, neosporin etc...)
plastic silverware
Dove body soap
List of doctors phone numbers & insulin ratios
Extra pair of underwear for everyone

If you have other suggestions, please feel free to comment.  

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