Monday, September 26, 2011

Our Endo. Appointment

I have to admit that I was pacing the floor the night before our scheduled endo. appointment.  All of Andrew's test results were to be revealed from the mixed meal test that he had a couple of weeks ago.  I honestly didn't know what to expect.

When the doctor walked in, she was just beaming with Andrew's awesome progress with his diabetes.  Because of his weight loss, he's eliminated the type 2 diabetes.  The test results showed that he does NOT have Glucogen Storage Disease; He just has a really delayed insulin release.  It takes his body about 30 minutes to finally kick in instead of 5 minutes.

 As I sat in anticipation, we received his A1C result of 5.0.  I know that things will be changing as Andrew comes out of his honeymoon, but I'll enjoy it while it lasts!  The good news is that the doctor has another patient just like Andrew that honeymooned for 3-4 years before things went kaput.  I'm hoping and praying that will be God's plan for Andrew.

As I sat there happy with our news, my heart became heavy as I started to think of Nicole's post from We CARA Lot Blog.  We can do all the right things and diabetes just refuses to follow the rules.  It makes no rhyme or reason sometimes.  

In the end, I just have to say that I'm honored to know all of you awesome d-moms.  The more I get to know all of you, the more I feel connected like a family.  When one of us grieves, we all grieve.  When someone needs support, we're all there to pick them up with virtual hugs and words of encouragement.

I praise God for our successful diabetes appointment today and thank Him for a wonderful support group called the DOC!


  1. So glad to read that you had a great appointment this week. Congrats to Andrew (and to you) for his excellent progress.

  2. So glad you had a good appt. and AIC ! I am so thankful for the DOC also :)

  3. So glad the appointment went well!! You are amazing and I'm glad we're doing this together. Wish we weren't, but grateful God has brought us together.

  4. WOW!! wonderful A1C...congrats!! and thanks so much for the linking love!!

    All you great Dmama's kicking D's butt gives me hope that I too one day will get Cara there.

    I know I will, we all do our best and that is all that we can do. Thanks so much for the support!

  5. Nicole - You are very welcome! I know too in my heart that you will defeat D and get that A1C that you're after. God Bless!