Thursday, October 27, 2011

Zofran to the rescue!

Early this morning (12:30 AM to be exact), I was awakened by, "Mom, my tummy hurts".  As I began to come around, I realized that it was Andrew.  He began to crumple up in a ball and cry due to the tummy pain.  

As I stood there still half asleep, I remember trying to figure out a plan.  The first thing needed to be done was to check his blood glucose.  He was 105 which was refreshing, but we needed to get to the bottom of the pain.  My next thought traveled to his celiac.  Maybe he got glutened?

The pain continued to come in waves.  They were excruciating to him.  He couldn't lay down; he couldn't sit up.  He was just so uncomfortable.  As he was sitting on the couch watching TV, I called the on-call number to the hospital and they thought it was probably a virus.

Fast forward to 3:30 AM and he ends up throwing up all over the carpet floor.  I don't know about you all, but the sound of someone throwing up is enough to wake anyone up immediately!  We didn't have a sick plan, so I was going by instinct and God's guidance.  I took his blood and it was 80.  I gave him a couple of gluten free crackers and hoped that they would stay down.  I tested his ketones - NEGATIVE!

As I was coming in and out of conscienceness, he ends up throwing up again at 5:15 AM.  Thank goodness we had a bucket at this point!  I took his blood and it was 95.  Praise God that He's helping to keep Andrew's numbers down.  I tested his ketones - LARGE!  Oh No!

The next call to the hospital resulted in them wanting to see us.  Thank goodness we have family that lives close by to come and watch the other kids.  Through rush hour traffic we drove and finally arrived at the hospital.

His blood glucose was at 75 and his ketones were still large.  They gave him a magic pill called "Zofran".  Thanks to some of you talking about Zofran, I was aware of it and knew that it was used for nausea.  It definitely works fast!

After 15 minutes, they gave Andrew a 15g juice box to bring his sugar up some.  About 1/2 hour later, they checked to see where his blood was so we could try some cereal.  I'm sitting there waiting for a reasonable number and they blurt out, "219".  "What!", I chirped.  He should never be that high from one little juice box.  The nurse thought that it was a reasonable number.  Since Andrew eats the same amount of food all the time, I just knew this number was not correct.  We double checked the number with our glucometer -  Now that's what I expected.  They decided to double check him again with their glucometer and it read 120.

Again, God was with us and prompted me to recheck Andrew.  I started thinking the "what if's".  He would have received double insulin if we would not have questioned the nurse.  Knowing that he might not keep the food down really brought on anxiety.

In the end, everything worked out just fine.  Praise God for healing Andrew so quickly!



  1. Yeah for Zofran! So glad things worked out well*and that you had the "feeling" to recheck. Hope you all get some rest and that Andrew feels well soon!
    Love and prayers

  2. THREE CHEERS FOR ZOFRAN! I swear they should give all families dealing with a CWD a prescription to keep on hand. I hope he's feel better now!

    I can't believe it's almost been a year. Wow. You've done well, my friend. Good job :)

  3. This is something I would never have thought about---how something as ordinary as a virus can be potentially life threatening for a child with diabetes. Just one more sign for you of God's protecting hand over Andrew.