Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Must Have Diabetic Bracelet

We put Andrew's name on the 1st. line and TYPE 1 DIABETES on the 2nd. line
We ordered this bracelet from Road ID when Andrew was first diagnosed with diabetes.  He absolutely LOVES it!  It's sporty, waterproof and very comfortable to wear.  There is an adjustable strap so you can get just the perfect fit.

The thing that I love about the Road ID bracelets is that you can choose to have an interactive account with them.  You log in to your account and fill in all of the information pertaining to your child's health needs.  You have the option to enter in allergies, doctor's phone numbers, contact phone numbers, medication, insulin ratios and a large text box to enter in whatever you would like the EMT's to know if ever there was an emergency.  

If you look at the bracelet example above, you will see a phone number and website listed.  On the back of the clasp is a serial and pin number.  If your child ever needed immediate help, the EMT would be able to call that phone number and whatever you listed on your account page would be given to them.  This gives me rest and assurance that if Andrew was not with me or we were in an accident that he would be taken care of properly.

Yesterday, I purchased a new replacement plate because his old one was getting scratched up.  I received a wonderful e-mail this morning stating that Road ID has refunded me because the replacement plates have a LIFETIME WARRANTY!  WOW!  This bracelet will last him forever!  

Thank you Road ID for your awesome product and my peace of mind!    

They gave me a coupon code (ThanksNikki9395743) for a $1.00 discount off of your order.  Valid up to 20 people.  Hurry, offer expires 12/17/11.

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