Thursday, December 8, 2011

I hate CHANGE!

Andrew's three month appointment started out on a great foot with an A1C of 5.1.  I am so proud of him and how he stays on his program!

Then things started to go down hill from there.  The doctor was concerned that he gained 2 pounds.  But.......he also grew.  I think she wants him to stay at the weight he is now forever.  I told her that he's been hungry lately and it's probably because he's growing.  Also, his celiac antibodies are finally coming down which means his body is absorbing more.

She asked him what he eats for snacks.  He said cheese sticks, nuts or sugar free popsicles.  She took it as multiple cheese sticks and handful of nuts.  So she decided to change his meal plan and add in 2 milks, 2 carbs and 2 meats during the day, plus an extra carb after gymnastics.  She is thinking that this will be less calories than he's currently consuming with the protein snacks.  He was only eating 2 cheese sticks per day!  Now he's eating 2 cheese sticks for the meat plus 2-3 extra carbs and 2 milks. YIKES!

As me and my husband were standing there, she asked Andrew if we all eat the same thing.  He told her "No."  He then continued to say that he has to eat all gluten free foods and we don't.  She then looked me and my husband over and said, "People that are overweight don't eat foods that are good for them."  I was completely humiliated.  My husband caught the glances as well.

I know that I'm overweight, but don't bring that into my child's appointment when he's lost 17 pounds and has an A1C of 5.1.  My son has not lost that weight due to eating junk food I'll tell you that much.

  • Did she ever stop to think of the stress that we are under caring for a diabetic child?  NO!  
  • Did she ever stop to think that a mother will put her own needs last to take care of her children?  No!
  • Did she ever think that a caretaker is exhausted at the end of the day and doesn't want to exercise? No!
  • Did she ever take the time to tell us that we are also doing a great job? No!  
It would be nice to have some positive reinforcement and less judgement.

The whole kicker of this is that she wants to put Andrew in a Medical Journal because of his unique case of diabetes.  Evidently, he doesn't have the 1st. phase insulin release but has the 2nd. phase.

I don't understand why she wants to change his meal plan when his weight gain is equal to his growth.

So.... I humored the changes and he's gained 1 pound so far and has had lows every single night since the changes.  We are talking 40's.  You know what it means when lows come in the picture - sugar and calories!  Now I'm feeding him juice boxes, yogurt, and cashews right before bed.  Not good!

Wish me luck because I will have to face the music with the doctor as I go back to my previous meal plan. Extra steamed vegetables for Andrew for snacks is in order!


  1. What a horrible experience! Congratulations on a great A1C and for doing all you need to do to care for your son.

  2. Congrats on the A1c... You should all be so proud. Sorry about your experience and I hope that you can enjoy your success. j.

  3. Trying to catch up on blogging and this doctor makes me mad! How rude! You are doing an amazing job and deserve a pat on the back. Poop on that doctor!!!