Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Meter Accuracy Problems

We have used the One Touch Ultra2 since Andrew was diagnosed.  Overall I've been satisfied with the accuracy.

Last week was different.  I had Andrew test before bed and it read 190!  Andrew very rarely goes that high so I knew to retest him.  The next reading, 1 minute later, read 85.  I took it again one more time on a different meter and it agreed with the second reading.

What if I would have given him a correction for the 190 when he was really 85?!?!?!?  That thought scares the heck out of me!

When I called One Touch, they give me the spiel about the 20% error allowance.  190 to 85 is definitely more than 20%!  I hate the fact that we have to put up with 20% in the first place!  They had me check the meter with testing strip solution and everything came out ok.  The man proceeded to tell me that everything is checking ok and that the meter is fine to use.

Did I just hear him correctly?  

I started to get huffy at this point.  I told him, "What if I would have corrected him on the 190 when he was only at 85?"  I certainly do not feel comfortable using this meter and would like a replacement.

Thankfully they sent me a new one, but it really makes me double guess all of Andrew's numbers.  Have any of you experienced this with your meters?


  1. How funny... I just posted on meter accuracy this afternoon. I've had that happen before, I usually chalk it up to her finger not being completely clean. Or if we've used alcohol, sometimes we get a higher number if it hasn't completely dried. I test a third time when I get such a huge difference. It sucks, doesn't it. 20% should not be acceptable.

  2. 20% is sooo not acceptable especially for the lil kiddos who have huge ISFs!

    Glad it ended well.