Saturday, March 17, 2012

What gives?

As I was vacuuming today, I see it from a distance.....

A tiny used up glucose strip lying in the middle of the kitchen floor.

I started to contemplate just how that strip got from one side of the house to the other.  Did it jump out of the Sharp's container and sprint down the hallway from the bathroom?  Maybe it hitchhiked a ride on Andrew?

As I continue on my vacuuming expedition, I find another one hiding in the living room carpet! This is getting dare they parade themselves in front of me!  They know how much I despise diabetes, but they keep taunting me.

Something fishy is definitely going on around here and I need to get to the bottom of it.....PRONTO!  Keep an eye on traveling glucose strips as they're probably on their way to my house for a party.


  1. It always amazes me how they can travel!!
    Found one on the school bathroom floor one day...and I KNOW she doesn't test there!!! ;)

  2. Too funny! I do believe they have a life of their own. I find them in the strangest places! Once, I put my sunglasses on and I noticed something on the lens. I pulled the glasses off to discover a test strip stuck on the inside! ;)

  3. I know-I think they run around at night! We find them everywhere too..floor, couch, van, hallway... they are mocking us! : ) Or reminding us to check again?

  4. We find them everywhere too. I think I posted about this a long time ago. Ya' kinda just gotta laugh about it!