Thursday, May 3, 2012

We're Back!

Off to Orlando, Florida

Well, we survived 2400 miles in the car round trip.  We had a blast and I'll be blogging about our adventures after I unpack and wash mounds of dirty laundry.  I think I need a vacation after our

Andrew's diabetes and celiac were definitely in tow, but remained manageable.  The hardest part for us was finding gluten free foods.  Sometimes we were sent on a wild goose chase for an hour just to find an acceptable restaurant.  He definitely had his fair share of bunless cheeseburgers since that was the most available gluten free option.

I learned one amazing lesson on this trip:  don't let diabetes define Andrew.  Yes he has diabetes, but it will never hold him back!  Andrew snorkeled with beautiful fish and stingrays, swam with dolphins, rode roller coasters with multiple loops, swam in the ocean, rode water slides and ate many SUGARY TREATS (because he can)!

Their smiles above are just priceless!


  1. What a great photo! And a great trip, it sounds like. Nice to be home and I always need a vacation after a vacation :)