Friday, June 22, 2012

Mom, I don't.........

We went to see the new Madagascar movie with the kids the other night.  I would highly recommend the movie as it was very colorful and funny.

After the movie, we decided to drop by TCBY for some yogurt.  Andrew was not happy with that selection because the only celiac safe topping was slivered almonds.  After the rest of us got our TCBY, we hopped back in the car and journeyed off to Houlihan's for a gluten free creme brûlée for Andrew.

My little guy kept complaining that he was going to die because he was soooooo thirsty.  When I picked up the creme brûlée, I requested a large glass of ice water.  This cup must have held 4 cups of water.

Back to the car, my little guy guzzled that thing down like nobody's business.  He has been very thirsty for water lately.  I have to admit that one of my "diabetes" antennas have started to tune in.

As we're proceeding down the highway, my husband simply states, "Little guy, you have been drinking a lot of water lately."

Little guy's response:  "....and Mom, 'I DON'T HAVE DIABETES!!!!!!!'

Obviously, the siblings have their own "diabetes" antennas.


  1. Yep, our D-radar is always on!!

    Bug hates it when I come at HER with the meter instead of Bean!!!

  2. I would have my radar up too. I think it's only natural.

    We're planning to see the Madagascar movie this weekend!

  3. Yep, my son (non-d) can always tell when my d-radar is up too! It's only natural though. My stomach drops when he takes a bottle of water to bed with him. Then my husband reminds me how long he was outside in the heat playing baseball. It's hard not to worry though!