Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Aren't we on the same page?

phone rings:


American Diabetes Association (ADA): "Hi Mrs.?, this is so and so from the ADA.  Do you know that  (insert #) people die each and every year from the complications from diabetes?"

me: "yes, I'm completely aware since my son has type 1 diabetes."

You would think that at this time, the ADA would apologize and go on with their spiel, but NO!

ADA:  We're looking for donations.

me: I do support diabetes, but I directly donate to JDRF since our son has type 1.

ADA:  Get's disgusted and snippy with me while asking again for a donation.

This went on for a couple of times until I finally had to tell them to take me off of their calling list.  Why did it have to come to this?  Aren't we all still working towards the same thing - finding a cure for diabetes?

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