Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Punch in the gut

Tonight at VBS the kids played a game of question/answer so they could get to know each other better.   All of the kids made a large circle and passed around a beach ball with questions on it.  Whoever caught the ball had to answer one of the question where their thumb was sitting.

Andrews question was "If you could go backwards or forward, what would you change?"

His answer: "I would go backwards so that I would have never gotten diabetes and celiac."


It's like no matter what, diabetes is ALWAYS in the picture.   One thing I'm extremely thankful for is that he is not embarrassed of his diabetes.  I've always been open with his testing and shots.   He lays all his stuff out during snacks at VBS and I give his shot right there.

The kids in his VBS are kids that he's known for sometime now which softens my heart because they don't judge him.  They accept him for who he is......ONE AWESOME KID!


  1. I think there will always be those moments where we and they wish time could be turned back and D passes us by.
    It's great when our kids are surrounded by others who 'know' about D and don't think twice or look sideways while a BG is tested.

  2. That would have gotten me too. And you just can't blame him, can you? But it's still a bit heartbreaking.

    We just have to believe--and trust--that God is going to use this.

    Love you...

  3. Elise told me something similar the other day. You're right... It's heartbreaking.