Thursday, June 20, 2013

It's Pump Time! NEED ADVICE

Well, it seems to appear that Andrew's honeymoon has come to an abrupt stop.  We made it 2-1/2 years which I am completely thankful for.

We started on Levemir about 2 weeks ago and though it's helping, I am definitely in shock seeing numbers up in the 200 and 300's.  Insulin to carb ratios have been changing daily.

With constant corrections having to be made, I am looking forward to moving towards a pump.  We have a pump class next week and I'd like to get as much information I can before attending.

Can you all please share with me what pump you/your child uses and why you chose it.

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. My son only wanted the Omnipod~He did not want tubing. We started on it 6 months after diagnosis and have been really happy with it. He is very active and plays sports. The Pod has done fine. He has been pumping now for 2 years and is 13. Best wishes for you and your son with which ever pump you choose. We really like the pump as opposed to injections.

  2. My daughter is on the Animas Ping. She is 9 now, started the ping a few days before her 6th birthday. Our insurance gave us the choice between Animas and Medtronic. The insurance covered those two 100%, so we took home the brochures and poured over them. In the end we went with Animas because it could give smaller doses of insulin, it was waterproof, and it came with the meter/remote. We use the remote to bolus our daughter 99% of the time. We live in Arizona and running thru a random sprinkler is common for us, I didn't want to have to worry about if the pump would get wet sometime. Usually for swimming she takes the pump off though. Our warranty will be up next year. I have asked my daughter if she'd like to try the omnipod and go tubeless, she has seen kids with the pod at camp and she says no, she doesn't like it (she says it looks like a big marshmallow on their arm). She did demo a pod that we got at a JDRF walk and she didn't like it. She likes the look of a T-Slim, but I think it's too fragile. We will most likely stick with Animas again when our warranty expires. My advice is to see what your insurance covers and go from there and ask your kid for his opinion too.

  3. Hi Nikki! Joe has been pumping for a good 6.5 years now...since he was three years old. I chose the Animas Ping due to the small increments that you could adjust basal rates by. Another bonus is it's waterproof-ness. Joe does swim with his on. LOVED the remote option for bolusing when he was younger...or even still when we are out to dinner and he'd prefer me to bolus. With all of this being said...we are switching pumps next Monday 7/1. We are switching to the Omnipod. Joe really wants to go tubeless. He has been hooked to tubing for soooo many years and he is ready to try something new. Good luck! Let me know if you have any questions. xo