Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Amusement Park Fun While Being Gluten Free

Diabetes alone can be difficult at an amusement park, but when you add in gluten free, it can definitely be a challenge for any teenager that has an endless appetite!  A lot of amusement parks are getting better at offering some gluten free options, but its really a good idea to check before hand.  It will definitely help to make a more enjoyable time.  Besides, isn't the food part of the fun???

I recommend calling ahead to see if the amusement park offers a microwave to use.  When we visit Cedar Point, they have microwaves available in their first aid stations.

This is what I pack for our day trip:

* bag of Madras Lentils by TastyBite - This is a delicious lentil chili that can be microwaved right in the bag.  You could top some gluten free amusement fries with it or dip Fritos or tortilla chips in it. This is also a good protein source:)
* individual bags of chips, doritos, fritos, etc…
* Kind bars
* individual Nutella packets with bag of gluten free pretzels
* fresh cut fries at certain places (be sure to ask that the fryer is dedicated for the fries only!)
* nuts
* small flavored rice cakes - my son likes the chocolate
* at Cedar Point, you can enjoy gluten free fries, hamburger or hot dog (without bun), pizza, chicken fingers, cotton candy, and specific flavors of Dippin' Dots.
NOTE: If you are going to eat Dippin' Dots, I highly suggest asking them to scoop from the original flavored bag and not the containers that they serve from.  I often see the flavors get mixed.  Know that Birthday Cake, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough or Cookies n Cream are NOT GLUTEN FREE!

Don't be afraid to ask questions or to ask servers to change their gloves before handling your food.

Disclaimer: Please double check all package labels to make sure they are gluten free as they sometimes change.


  1. We just returned from our Cedar Point trip and had a blast! Andrew had a gluten free pizza at Joe Cool Cafe. It's a cracker crust, but very yummy! The workers were very knowledgeable in gluten free preparation. They know to change their gloves and keep everything separate from wheat products.

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