Friday, February 4, 2011

Diabetic Honeymoon LOWS

All along our journey so far, Andrew has experienced low blood sugars both on insulin and off.  I was introduced to a friend that has had type 1 diabetes for 43 years.  I also want to include that he has been COMPLICATION FREE all of those years.  (YEAH!!!)  He takes very good care of himself including good nutrition, exercise and good blood glucose control.  After hearing Andrew's story, he mentioned that I might want to contact Joslin's Diabetic Center in Boston, MA for a second opinion.  I urge all of you to visit their website because they have some great articles and information on Type 1 diabetes.

I had the opportunity to speak with an endocrinologist, and she mentioned three things that could be causing the lows.

1.  Since he was recently diagnosed with celiac disease, the intestines might not be fully healed yet.
2.  Sometimes as people are getting ready to enter full blown type 1 diabetes, they will experience low blood sugars.  While some beta cells are still working, they will sometimes leak insulin when not needed resulting in hypoglycemia.
3.  It is not uncommon for children to experience blood sugars in the 50's and 60's.

At this point, I'm not sure what the cause is for Andrew's low blood sugars.  I wanted to put this information out there for anyone else that might be experiencing a diabetic honeymoon with hypoglycemia.


  1. Your situation just seems so different. Zac was on 9 units of Lantis and taking at least 5 units of novalog right away from day one. His Honeymoon was only obvious because his A1C was really good...but he still took a lot of insulin. I'm wondering how you knew Andrew had celiac? I've got a child who has lost a lot of weight and seems to be having stomach issues. Of course, the first thing I think is...diabetes, Crohns? (hubby has that), Celiac??

  2. Thanks for this post. It is frustrating. They took us off Lantus all together and we now have 0.5 H at lunch and dinner with no meal dose at all at breakfast and we still experience lows before lunch. CRAZY!

  3. Hi Shannon,
    This is strictly my opinion, but I would definitely get your other child tested for celiac. It's a simple blood test. Type 1 and celiac are both autoimmune diseases. Like in my family, my grandmother had lupus, my cousin has crohn's, I have hashimoto's thyroid and Andrew has type 1 and celiac. With your hubby having an autoimmune disease, I think it would be worth talking to your pediatrician. Have you taken his/her blood sugar? I test mine in their sleep and they never know I even bought an over the counter A1C test just to be sure. Thankfully everyone was normal.

  4. Hello Anderson Chronicle,
    We have walked the same path as you. Andrew started out with 16 units of Levemir and 16 units/day of Novolog when we left the hospital. He continued to get lows so we just kept adjusting until he didn't need any of it. It took us about 1-1/2 months to eliminate it completely. It's funny that you mention he gets lows before lunch because that's EXACTLY when Andrew gets low too. What's odd is that he is still getting low at the same time even without the insulin???? What a pain in the butt!!

  5. Hi Shannon,
    I'm sorry, I forgot to answer Andrew's symptoms for celiac. I would have NEVER known that he had celiac if it wasn't for the hospital screening him when he was admitted for type 1. He was completely asymptomatic as far as stomach issues. Now looking back, he was tired a lot and very hungry which the doctors said could have been a sign. When kids have celiac, they can become hungry because their body isn't absorbing the nutrients and then results in weight loss. Andrew had a moderate case according to the doctor.

  6. Interesting information, Nikki. Our lows are evening out now we have our Lantus lowered. Ellie is on 3 units. I have a sinking feeling about celiac for Ellie. I need to look into it further