Monday, July 11, 2011

An Exercise High?

When my son exercises, his blood sugar usually always goes low.

The other day, he took a 1-1/2 hour tennis lesson.  He started out at 97 and I was actually a little nervous thinking he would go low.

Out he went onto the hot court.  It was in the upper 80's that day.  He had a blast!  I was so glad to see him having so much fun.  Tennis is the first sport that he's really shown an interest in.  Ok, he likes baseball too, but I just cannot get myself to sign on due to all the practices/games etc....  They even have games on Sundays!

Anyway, After an hour in, I started wondering if I should check him.  He doesn't always feel his lows which makes me a nervous wreck.  He wasn't acting tired, so I just let him go.

After class was over, the teacher happily handed out popsicles to all the kids.  My husband asked if they had sugar free popsicles and unfortunately they didn't.  I'm thinking, "NO PROBLEM!  I'm sure he's low enough to have one."

After anxiously awaiting the 5 seconds so he can run off to his refreshing sweet treat, the glucometer was reading 137.  137! What the heck?  How could he possibly have gone up?

Sadly, he had to pass on the popsicle.  After all that hard work, he couldn't even enjoy a popsicle without having a shot of insulin.  It just breaks my heart.  I was actually surprised how well he handled it.  To me, Andrew won that day, not diabetes.

Do your children ever go up with exercise?


  1. Sometimes things go in the opposite direction than the norm. Huh. Sounds like T1D to me! Ugh.

    Loving that Andrew is enjoying tennis and I totally agree with you about not wanting to get involved with other sports due to their practice and game schedules! Sundays are just not acceptable.

  2. Oh! I read something about this and I'm trying to rack my brain!

    I can't remember. I think I read it on the CWD website, but a quick search turned up nothing.

    It's something about how when you're running around, so much that you're panting, sometimes your BG will go up. (I've noticed that can happen to Matthew during soccer. There's excitement and adrenaline going, so a higher BG is possible.

    But if you're not panting, just busy, active play...BG can go down. (Swimming drops Matthew like a rock.)

    Of course, YDMV. And we both know it will! No 2 days are the same. LOL

  3. Huh...what a head scratcher! Sometimes things just don't make sense!!

  4. Huh. I always thought it made them go up! But, I do know that whenever MC had something really exciting, like the "Storybook Character Parade" (Halloween costume parade) around the school, sometimes she goes high if she's really excited. Or if there is a field trip, vacation, etc. Was he really excited/adrenaline pumping? Adrenaline is a hormone like insulin, and can block absorbtion of insulin. That's all I know. : ) Glad he was IN RANGE before and after though, that's awesome! : )

  5. Yea no telling with D! And since the meters are allowed 20% variance...well yeah.

    May I ask did he not want the ices because of the shot?