Thursday, July 14, 2011

Passed with Flying Colors

Andrew had his first eye exam today since his diabetes diagnosis.  It made me sad when the doctor sat down face to face with him and explained that he'll need to have a dilated eye exam each year due to his diabetes.

I know it's preventative, but it's something else that sets him apart because of his diabetes.

The doctor did explain to me that diabetic retinopathy is not very common.  He recommended keeping Andrew's A1C in the 6's and 7's throughout his entire life to lower his chances of getting it.

I praise God that He has blessed us with an A+ report today.  WOOHOO!!!

If you have put off your yearly dilated eye exam, PLEASE schedule it today.


  1. We have a friend who's an optometrist, and she has this new machine that takes a picture of the back of the eye, so you don't have to have them dilated! : ) Check into it, it totally makes it easier on kids-she used to have to wear blinders all afternoon afterward! : (
    Glad you got an A+!! You are taking great care of Andrew!! Hugs! : )

  2. Yeah!! And thanks for the's on my list of phone calls to make that keep not being made! Doing it TODAY!! :)