Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Funny Story

Today, I had to undergo a 5 hour glucose tolerance test.  There are many factors that are weighing against me for possibly getting type 2 diabetes in the future.

There were approximately 10-12 seats in the waiting room.  People that were getting x-rays and lab work would sit in there until they were called.  For me, unfortunately, I was there for the 5 hour wait.

After my 1 hour blood draw, the sugar hit me like a ROCK and I decided to curl up in my seat and take a little nap.  At this time, the room was empty.

When I woke up, there were 10-12 sets of eyeballs looking at me.  I was so embarrassed!  The whole waiting room filled up without me even knowing it!  I had my hair hanging over my face and I'm sure I was probably catching flies with my mouth wide open.

As I got my wits about me, I wondered back to get my 2 hour blood draw.  The nurse told me that they had to check me out to make sure I was ok.  I've had bad experiences with glucose tolerance tests in the past and they were worried that I would pass out.  As they noticed me breathing, they thought I was ok to be left alone.

Thankfully, the test went a lot better than the one's I've had in the past.  Hopefully that's a good sign!

I hope I was able to make you smile today!!!


  1. I guess it was good you didn't pass out (faint), but not-so-good you passed out! Haha-sorry, you did make me laugh with your fly-catching! : )
    So, how did it go? (the test!)

  2. I hate falling asleep in public like that! Always feel like a crazy person when I wake up and people are there that weren't before!! ;)
    Glad this test went better than those before!!

  3. Hehehehehehehe ::drool:: hehehehehehehe. Oh, Nikki. I wish I had been there with you to take pictures :0

    Tell us more about the test. Whay are you doing it? (preggers?) Are you symptamatic? What's up, my friend?

  4. Had to sleep at an airport once...very unsettling! Glad things went well.

  5. Oh, you did more than make me smile! I laughed out loud! : )

    Hope everything is okay. Follow doctor's orders and take care of yourself....