Monday, August 1, 2011

Feeling Lonely

Let me start by saying that the DOC ROCKS!  

but...... I'm starting to feel like I'm in this on my own.  I love talking to everyone through my blog, but it just doesn't replace a big HUG in person or having my son the opportunity to interact with someone else with the same challenges.

We attended Vacation Bible School tonight.  I asked the coordinator to put any children with type 1 or celiac disease in my group so I could assure their parents that they would be in good hands.

Guess what! There weren't any.

Yes, that's a great thing, but I think Andrew is feeling alone in this journey as well.  It would be so nice to have someone that he could relate to.

Seeing his group sitting together anxiously awaiting their yummy snack of jello with gummy worms, Andrew had to pull out his roasted almonds and 10 calorie juice box.  It kills me that he always has to be different than everyone else.  It automatically sets him apart.  

I did surprise him with an Andie's Candy in his snack bag.  I was secretly hoping that one of the other kids would be jealous of him for having something different than them.  

This is turning into a me, me selfish post, but it's honestly how I feel this evening.  I'm so grateful for the opportunity to attend VBS and our relationship with the Lord is more important than anything including being different from everyone else.  It just hurts sometimes.....  


  1. Gosh, we understand. But he can have SF jello too, maybe? : ) Maybe next year you can be in charge of VBS snacks? And you can plan all the snacks-healthy and fun! You could make SF jello shapes? : )
    He'll find other kids, I promise. Have you been to any JDRF events or anything? I'd call the nearest office to get hooked up.
    I am sorry. I hope tomorrow goes better. : ) Sending far-away hugs! : )

  2. I'm sorry :( I do understand. J is the only D in school. Granted we don't have the same challenges in terms of diet. I can't imagine how hard that must be.

    Is the doctor still insisting he follow a diet of a type 2?

    If you need to talk you have my email! Xoxo

  3. I feel that way too sometimes! I wish I could give you a big hug right now. That's what God would do. He would wrap his arms around you and tell you that he will get you through.

    Maybe you should think of starting a doctor mom group. I have about 8 moms that come to my house( or we meet for yogurt) once a month. Usually on a su day afternoon. A couple are d-moms, one has a boy with autism, one with crohns....once only one mom could make it, but we had such a lovely time.

    I'm happy to send you the letter I emailed to my friends. I just had them pass it on. God took care of it from there. : )

    I hope tomorrow is a better day!

  4. I'm sending you a virtual hug. I wish there was more that I could do. Just know the DOC is here --- it's not there but we are here. <--- did that even make sense?

    Thinking about you!!

  5. I put a call out to JDRF and ADA looking for families in our area. I also connected with our school nurse, gave her a business card with my contact info, and asked her to email it to the rest of the district letting the other nurses know that a mom was on the lookout for other families.

    Somehow we wrangled together 7 families and had a potluck...from that a Yahoo group formed...and now we have close to 200 families active online in our group! We get together about 4 times a year -- usually around 15 - 20 families show up.

    I'll pray that doors will open and connections will be found in your area.

  6. Yes, it can be very lonely sometimes.
    I agree with the others about reaching out through your local JDRF or ADA.
    It may take sometime, but a connection will come!Yes, it can be very lonely sometimes.
    I agree with the others about reaching out through your local JDRF or ADA.
    It may take sometime, but a connection will come!

  7. Yep, me too sometimes. I wish you guys weren't all living in my computer...but were in my real life!!! ACK.

    I hope today is better.

  8. It can be lonely, but it's motivational that these days kids are more able to make diabetes their own and actually "own' it, and talk about it. Doesn't make it easier sometimes when they don't want to stand out and be different, but it is a positive evolution. sending you some virtual online hugs and hope that you're able to connect with some more locally, through JDRF or elsewhere.

  9. ((hugs)) I hope you can connect with someone at JDRF or perhaps your hospital has a support group? Ours does, and for the first time we attended a meeting last month and it was GREAT.

  10. Hi Nikki! You've been quiet this week and I wanted to send you a cyber hug!